Alina McGinty

A Brief History

  • Grew up on the southern coast of Maine.
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude, in the spring of 2005 from Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH with a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. While also working for the University’s Public Relations department as an Intern Designer.
  • Worked for a Design studio in Manchester, NH called The Winzeler Group.
  • A year later… The Winzeler Group merged with Pannos Marketing in Bedford, NH.
  • With Pannos Marketing for 6 years. Built great relationships and developed some awesome skills in a fast-paced environment. All the while, accumulating some freelance design work for various people on the in my free-time.
  • Got Married in 2010. Had my son in 2013.
  • Took an opportunity with an exciting  start-up company as creative director/designer with Tide Creative. Based out of Portland, Maine.
  • After a good run, Tide Creative had to change directions and downsize. (I still contract design for them on a per project basis.)
  • Returned to Pannos Marketing in the Spring of 2016 and currently work there as Senior Graphic Designer 3 days a week, and manage multiple freelance clients from home as well as take care of my son on the remaining days.



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