Cars & Trucks Birthday Printables

My son loves cars & trucks and things that go! Doesn’t every 2 year old boy? Here are some printed designs I did for his 2nd Birthday Party. Feel free to download the PDFs at the end of the post to print for yourself! 🙂

IMG_0205 copy





Happy Birthday Banner Download

Car Banner

Snack Table Signs

Interstate 2


Keep Right

One Way

Railroad Crossing




A New Adventure!


I have been a designer now in the working world for 10 years now… holy-moly is that right?!

Yep, 10 years.

I have worked for a mid-sized marketing firm, a tiny start-up company and have done a ton of freelance work on the side. During that time a lot has happened in my personal life as well. I got married in 2010, becoming a step-mom of two great kiddos and then had a little bambino of my own in 2013.

It worked out that I could work from home after having my little one. Which is awesome and challenging to say the least. It has been quite the experience. It is a delicate balance of work/life that I am not sure I would recommend to most. But it has allowed me to watch closely as my little man grows and learns as well as bring home some bacon for our family and keep my career as a designer moving forward. For all of this, I am beyond grateful.

I have set out on a new adventure and challenge for myself to try to drum up enough business on my own to continue freelance design as my main source of income, so that I can continue to stay at home with my little one and not have to put him in full-time care while I work in some cubicle somewhere.  I have developed this website as a tool to try to help me achieve that goal and market myself and gain exposure to my work and talents.

I truly appreciate any leads, shares and interest in my work that you, (whoever is reading this) could offer to me to help me along the way. So, tell your friends, neighbors and local business owners that might need a little visual help that you heard of this awesome designer who could help them out and send them to my site! You will be repaid with GREAT KARMA for life, guaranteed! 🙂