Grow : Event Branding


While working with Tide Creative, I had the  opportunity to brand and be a part of the set-up and execution of two Grow Brand Camp Conferences. This event was really amazing. It brought speakers and entrepreneurs within the Wedding Industry together for networking, inspiration and marketing education in a fun and campy atmosphere in the beautiful state of Maine!

It was so great to be able to design such a fun themed event and then get to participate and get hands-on and see how everything came together, not to mention getting to hear some pretty amazing people speak and meeting some hard-working inspiring folks from around the fascinating wedding world.

The logo mark was created to be able to include new dates and locations as the Grow event continued to well… Grow! Allowing for color changes between the fall and spring and some other subtle design additions and changes as each one continues to have it’s own slightly different flavor. There was a variety of print, web and illustrative pieces to this project and it was all a lot of fun!

Below are the links to the two events we did in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 as well as some samples of the designs and event design I took a part in.   »



Sponsorship Document PDF

Click cover image above to view full PDF



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