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Homefree is a local NH, women-owned, allergy friendly cookie company. I have been fortunate to work closely with owner Jill Robbins since 2012 as her go-to designer for all of her package, print and production design needs.

This year I made the recommendation to Jill that we should try re-branding her company and it’s package designs etc. I wasn’t a part of her original branding and I had been thinking for a while that she really needed to change it to continue to compete with the ever growing natural food market and to look great on the shelves in local stores next to other brands. She received this recommendation well and we ventured off to create a new look for her company which is already getting a lot of positive attention!

Jill contacted a package designer for me to collaborate with on this major project of re-branding all of her materials. Jamie Panzarella and I worked together to create what I think is a fresh and very fun new look for homefree and it’s yummy and (healthy!) treats!

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Announcement - old vs. new

Comparing the old and new look.